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Article Archive for December 2009

Letters: Homeopaths Get Dose Of Real Medicine
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 15:16 | No Comment

Your recent item about the absurdity that homeopathic preparations can cure illnesses was timely. The Parliamentary Science and Technology Select Committee has been looking at the evidence behind the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s …

Letters: Christmas Cheer
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 15:14 | No Comment

I just want to say that I really love Regency magazine and always read it cover to cover and want to also thank whoever delivers it to my flat each month and to wish them …

The Old Market: Financial History
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 15:09 | 7 Comments
The Old Market: Financial History

After having their planning application for the Old Market rejected Trustees have launched a petition to request money from the local council. Tony Davenport discovers that things are not quite as they seem.

The Old Market: A Tangle of Conflicting Loyalties and Remits
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 15:02 | 4 Comments
The Old Market: A Tangle of Conflicting Loyalties and Remits

Valerie Paynter considers how the city’s conservation groups were undone by one planning application

Sussex Police Issue ‘Hoax’ Scam Warnings
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 14:51 | No Comment

Sussex Police are issuing warnings regarding a parcel delivery scam involving a company called Parcel Delivery Services (that name must have taken a while to come up with). Apparently the scam runs like this: PDS …

Handbags At Dawn
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 14:50 | No Comment

Last month local Labour MP Celia Barlow (she of the “high lustre” shower head billed to the British taxpayer) was all set to star as guest of honour at the opening of a new branch …

NHS Whistleblower Wins Award
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 14:49 | No Comment

Margaret Haywood, who was struck off the Nursing Register after she secretly filmed at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and revealed the appalling practices and treatment of the elderly, has been given an award. Ms. …

Brighton and Hove Abandon 
“City of Culture” Bid
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 14:47 | 2 Comments

There’s pride in your city, and then there’s outright stupidity. Mind you, Liverpool won last time so maybe we were in with a chance.

Conservatives Pick Pavilion Candidate
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 14:46 | No Comment

Brighton Tories were out in force for Sussex’s first selection of a Conservative candidate by the general public as opposed to the usual local political party group meeting. It seems however that the majority of …