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Letters: Homeopaths Get Dose Of Real Medicine
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 15:16 | No Comment

Your recent item about the absurdity that homeopathic preparations can cure illnesses was timely. The Parliamentary Science and Technology Select Committee has been looking at the evidence behind the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s …

Letters: Christmas Cheer
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 15:14 | No Comment

I just want to say that I really love Regency magazine and always read it cover to cover and want to also thank whoever delivers it to my flat each month and to wish them …

Letters: Citizen Power Over Marina Appeal
Wednesday, 21 Oct, 2009 – 18:52 | No Comment

Early in November Explore Living’s appeal, to try and overturn Brighton & Hove City Council’s decision to refuse Planning Permission for their development in the Marina, begins at the Brighton Centre.
At the beginning of September a …

Letters: Feedback From Last Month’s Feature On Seafront Developments, Written By
 Valerie Paynter
Wednesday, 21 Oct, 2009 – 18:49 | No Comment

As a local resident and member of Brighton Sailing Club, I cannot but agree with Valerie Paynter’s case against ”i360″ and “Brighton O”.  Brighton & Hove City Council has gone on quite long enough with central …

Letters: Gill Mitchell Is A Moaner
Sunday, 20 Sep, 2009 – 12:53 | No Comment

If prizes were issued for hypocrisy, then surely Gill Mitchell, leader of the Labour group of councillors, would win the contest by a mile.
In The Argus (26th August) she has the gall to suggest the …

Letters: National Readerships
Sunday, 20 Sep, 2009 – 11:51 | No Comment

On clearing my loft I came across an old newspaper cutting which had amused me when it was published in the late 60s and looking at it again I thought that even today it would …

Letters: Public Sector Workers
Sunday, 20 Sep, 2009 – 11:04 | No Comment

Molly of Arundel Terrace wonders about the calibre of people running CityClean (Letters, Issue 12). I can tell you this much, headed by the ghastly Gillian Marston, with their perks and pensions sewn up a …

Letters: Developments On The Marina
Sunday, 20 Sep, 2009 – 11:01 | No Comment

How many citizens of Brighton and Hove, and the many tourists who visit our seafront, realise that the famous White Cliffs of Dover start right here in Kemp Town?
The views of the cliffs with the …

Letters: Recycling Heaven
Sunday, 20 Sep, 2009 – 10:56 | No Comment

I just wanted to write to express my irritation about the amount of negativity towards fly-tipping often expressed by your readers, by these people who have nothing better to get upset about than communal bins …

Letters: The Secret (Sex) Life of Cyclists
Friday, 6 Mar, 2009 – 22:27 | No Comment

I wonder if anyone could explain to me why Brighton & Hove City Council need to know my personal sexual preferences in order to decide on a Cycle Link Scheme along Madeira Drive?
It asked the usual …