Local People: Roger Amerena
Sun, 12/12/10 – 11:15 | One Comment

Tony Davenport takes a look at local conservation ‘philanthropist’ Roger Amerena, and how things might not be what they seem

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Letters: Communal Bins
Fri, 6/03/09 – 22:22 | No Comment

Following a wholly inadequate public/domestic notification programme by Brighton Council, the city’s hitherto weekly collection of properly bagged domestic waste was terminated on 31.01.09.  My address in Montpelier Crescent received no prior notification at all …

Letters: Brighton Library
Fri, 6/03/09 – 22:19 | One Comment

Brighton and Hove councillors and officials often find themselves in a tight spot when trying to defend unappetising planning applications. Invariably, within a few sentences, they reach for that ropey old phrase about the city …

Council To Deliver Lowest Tax Increase
Fri, 6/03/09 – 15:11 | No Comment

Brighton and Hove City Council have agreed a budget which represents an increase in council tax of only 3.5% this year. Council Leader Mary Mears said, “By setting the city s lowest ever council tax …

Lost Labour’s Love
Fri, 6/03/09 – 14:55 | No Comment

Your humble editor is feeling most lovelorn at the moment. A personally addressed missive from the local Labour party describing how our great leader is saving the world, one penny at a time, were delivered …

Anger At Argus Cameron Story
Fri, 6/03/09 – 12:24 | No Comment

On the day Tory leader David Cameron’s son died the Argus chose instead to run a story about the legality of donations to Tory party coffers by Lord Ashcroft. The national story was already several …

Man Impales Himself On Gates
Fri, 6/03/09 – 12:23 | One Comment

Oh, the blood-thirsty amongst you will like this one. A man – I know nothing more about him than that – managed to impale his leg on the gates of Brighton Station. How did he …

Pensioner Charged Extra By British Gas – For Insulating Her House ‘Too Well’
Fri, 6/03/09 – 12:22 | No Comment

A pensioner who took advantage of the government’s “Warm Front” scheme to insulate her loft and replace her lightbulbs with energy-efficient models has found herself drawing the ire of British Gas. Margaret Pracy, who lives …

Opera House ‘Slashes’ Prices
Fri, 6/03/09 – 12:19 | No Comment

World famous Glynebourne Opera House is set to cut its prices, citing poor ticket sales due to the global recession. The celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the opera festival start on 18th June. Readers …

Komedia Closure Threatened
Fri, 6/03/09 – 12:19 | No Comment

The much-loved Jubilee Street venue may be forced to close following the withdrawal of an Arts Council grant last year, worth £150,000 per annum. The venue currently has debts exceeding £300,000, and accountants for the …

Van Day Facial Horror
Fri, 6/03/09 – 12:18 | No Comment

Pop star/burger flipper/Conservative Councillor candidate/”I’m a Z-List Celebrity, Get Me Some Publicity Here” star David Van Day told a weepy and harrowing tale of how hid from his children following his facelift, such were the …