Local People: Roger Amerena
Sun, 12/12/10 – 11:15 | One Comment

Tony Davenport takes a look at local conservation ‘philanthropist’ Roger Amerena, and how things might not be what they seem

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Council’s Ship Has Come In, Laden With Salt
Fri, 6/03/09 – 12:17 | No Comment

Remember the snow? The day it came the council told us their salt supplies were ‘dangerously’ low. Anyone fearing another sudden deluge and a repeat of the icy roads will be calmed when hearing that …

REGENCY Fan Voices Opinion In Street
Fri, 13/02/09 – 16:57 | No Comment

As I took a stroll in the Lanes on a Saturday afternoon I heard the cry of “P*ss off, why don’t you p*ss off, yeah?”. I turned to see a rather irate looking Josh Arghiros …

Still No Identity For Beach Body
Fri, 13/02/09 – 16:56 | No Comment

Police are still trying to identify a woman whose body was found on the beach at Western Esplanade, Hove, on 12th January. The woman was white, aged between 35 and 50 with short wavy auburn …

Suitcase Bomb Scare
Fri, 13/02/09 – 16:55 | One Comment

A suitcase abandoned on the road close to Roedean School on the A259 caused a bomb scare which closed roads in both directions and caused traffic chaos. This comes shortly after another bomb scare in …

John Lewis Hopes For Brighton
Fri, 13/02/09 – 16:54 | No Comment

After the new Crawley store is on hold, a victim of the economic downtown, many in the city are hoping this means a chance to get our paws on Sussex’s first John Lewis department store. …

Jamie Oliver Restaurant to Open Soon
Fri, 13/02/09 – 16:52 | No Comment

TV chef Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant is set to open its doors at the end of March. Located in Black Lion Street, the restaurant is now in the process of hiring staff.

Disused Ice Rink Plans
Fri, 13/02/09 – 16:51 | No Comment

Plans are expected to be announced to convert the disused Sussex Ice Rink near Churchill Square into a 6-storey hotel. Brighton and Hove City Council, the owner of the dilapidated site, is said to be …

Sussex’s Local Authorities Spend £50 Million on Managers
Fri, 13/02/09 – 16:50 | One Comment

Authorities across Sussex have come under fire for spending large amounts on management. A total of 170 managers, each earning more than £50,000, were employed by Brighton and Hove City Council in 2006/7, costing the …

Developer Fined £30,000
Fri, 13/02/09 – 16:48 | No Comment

A development company who felled five 50-year-old trees in a bid to increase the value of the land on which the trees stood has been fined £30,000. Action was taken by Brighton and Hove City …

Arthouse Cinema Expansion Plans
Fri, 13/02/09 – 16:44 | No Comment

The Duke of York’s cinema at Preston Circus is eyeing up the neighbouring fire station marked for potential closure as a possibility to expand with more screens. If such a thing comes to pass, then …