Local People: Roger Amerena
Sun, 12/12/10 – 11:15 | One Comment

Tony Davenport takes a look at local conservation ‘philanthropist’ Roger Amerena, and how things might not be what they seem

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Welcome To The Future
Mon, 12/05/08 – 3:51 | No Comment

Japan’s bullet train move aside – Brighton is on-track to be the envy of civilised world. You’ve seen the press reports, heard the endless quotes from councillors including Gill Mitchell and Geoffrey Theobald, been deluged …

Saving Our Bandstand
Mon, 12/05/08 – 3:41 | No Comment

Once upon a time Brighton (and Hove actually) had twelve bandstands. They were in our parks and on our seafront. The bandstand in Queen’s park was very ornate, while the bandstand in St. Anne’s Well …

Eating Out in Regency: Maugherman’s Deli
Fri, 2/05/08 – 23:10 | No Comment

The moment that I first walked into Maugherman’s Deli I was impressed.  It was immaculately clean and really well laid out, specialising in Italian delights which surround you with culinary temptation. The staff are also …

Letters: Lessons to be learnt?
Fri, 2/05/08 – 0:46 | No Comment

I have been really intrigued by what is happening over parking in Eastbourne streets as result of a dispute between East Sussex County Council and Eastbourne Council and which has been going on over the …

Letters: Disabled Badge Abusers
Fri, 2/05/08 – 0:45 | No Comment

As a partially handicapped person myself I am disgusted to see one of my neighbours regularly abusing the blue badge system. Her husband has a blue badge, but she seems to feel it is hers …

Letters: Doors Wide Open
Fri, 2/05/08 – 0:39 | No Comment

As we are all concerned about the effects of global warming I have for some time noticed that the Churchill Square branch of BHS are always open. I spoke to a member of the management …