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Articles tagged with: Communal Bins

Communal Bins Overflow
Sunday, 15 Nov, 2009 – 12:14 | No Comment
Communal Bins Overflow

I cannot claim to be surprised by the stacking up of refuse around the communal bins all over the centre of the city. Councillor Gill Mitchell, who was Labour chair of the environment committee which …

Letters: Recycling Heaven
Sunday, 20 Sep, 2009 – 10:56 | No Comment

I just wanted to write to express my irritation about the amount of negativity towards fly-tipping often expressed by your readers, by these people who have nothing better to get upset about than communal bins …

Letters: Letter To Councillor Geoffrey Theobald (Council Cabinet Member For The Environment) Regarding Communal Bins
Friday, 6 Mar, 2009 – 22:25 | No Comment

Dear Cllr. Theobald,
Something must be done! As a Clifton, Montpelier and Powis conservation area resident, 5′ 1″ in height, I find it most difficult to use these communal bins.
The handles are stiff, dirty and an …

Letters: Communal Bins
Friday, 6 Mar, 2009 – 22:22 | No Comment

Following a wholly inadequate public/domestic notification programme by Brighton Council, the city’s hitherto weekly collection of properly bagged domestic waste was terminated on 31.01.09.  My address in Montpelier Crescent received no prior notification at all …

Local History: Communal Bins Arrive
Friday, 13 Feb, 2009 – 21:58 | 3 Comments
Local History: Communal Bins Arrive

This is an article which I wrote some months ago in another local magazine on the history of the communal bin scheme. I thought it might prove of interest for some residents in the area …

Letters: More On Communal Bins
Friday, 13 Feb, 2009 – 3:09 | No Comment

We are the unfortunate family outside whose listed home resides the communal bin to which Mrs Leeds refers.
We received a consultation questionnaire and vented our opposition vigorously, along with most of the other local NON …

Letters: Communal Bins
Friday, 13 Feb, 2009 – 3:07 | No Comment

When we were first consulted about the communal bins, the residents of Clifton Road sent in a petition against them. All but 2 residents were firmly against having these bins in our Road.
Clifton Road is …