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Articles tagged with: Conservative Party

MPs Expenses
Sunday, 12 Dec, 2010 – 11:07 | No Comment

The parliamentary body which organises MP’s expenses has released details of the claims made by our three MPs. Cheapest of the bunch was Mike Weatherley, Conservative MP for Hove who claimed £2,450 since May. Next …

Handbags At Dawn
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 14:50 | No Comment

Last month local Labour MP Celia Barlow (she of the “high lustre” shower head billed to the British taxpayer) was all set to star as guest of honour at the opening of a new branch …

Conservatives Pick Pavilion Candidate
Thursday, 10 Dec, 2009 – 14:46 | No Comment

Brighton Tories were out in force for Sussex’s first selection of a Conservative candidate by the general public as opposed to the usual local political party group meeting. It seems however that the majority of …

Tories Hold Open Primary For Some Strange Reason
Sunday, 15 Nov, 2009 – 12:26 | No Comment

With a general election on the horizon all the political parties are getting geared up in the centre of town. The Tories have decided to do something rather different though — they intend to hold …

Communal Bins Overflow
Sunday, 15 Nov, 2009 – 12:14 | No Comment
Communal Bins Overflow

I cannot claim to be surprised by the stacking up of refuse around the communal bins all over the centre of the city. Councillor Gill Mitchell, who was Labour chair of the environment committee which …

Ceremony Marks 25th Anniversary 
Of Brighton Hotel Bombing
Wednesday, 21 Oct, 2009 – 19:54 | No Comment
Ceremony Marks 25th Anniversary 
Of Brighton Hotel Bombing

In the early hours of 12 October, 25 years ago, residents of Brighton and Hove were woken by the sound of an explosion. A bomb, planted by the IRA to strike at the heart …

Anger At Argus Cameron Story
Friday, 6 Mar, 2009 – 12:24 | No Comment

On the day Tory leader David Cameron’s son died the Argus chose instead to run a story about the legality of donations to Tory party coffers by Lord Ashcroft. The national story was already several …

Welcome To The Future
Monday, 12 May, 2008 – 3:51 | No Comment

Japan’s bullet train move aside – Brighton is on-track to be the envy of civilised world. You’ve seen the press reports, heard the endless quotes from councillors including Gill Mitchell and Geoffrey Theobald, been deluged …